In April 2020, Union Baptist Church will celebrate its 100th anniversary!  There is a vision of what Union should look like by that date and event. Reaching and realizing that vision requires ALL of us to be on board with our energies, gifts. abilities and excitement.     

Join us!!

 Working with the numbers 20 and 100, a special team is recommending that our congregation stretch toward four major goals we should reach by April 2020.

1. We introduce Quads (discipling groups) and have 20 Quads or 100 members in quads by April 2020.  

2. By April 2020, we shall increase UBC membership  by 100 new members.

3. We invite at least 100 UBC members and friends to commit to a gift of $20 per month for 20 months beyond their usual tithes and/or offerings beginning September 2018. 

4.  We encourage all UBC members to engage in some act of service, via one of the 10 Key Ministries or some other avenue, to the tune of 20 hours every month or every two months (choose your level), not including time spent in worship and preferably, not including time spent in discipleship development. 

                                           S -T-R-E-T-C-H!