The Health &  Wellness ministry promotes health and wholeness in mind, body, and spirit at UBC and in the surrounding communities. It exists to promote wellness through activities, exercise opportunities, education, counseling, screening, and referrals. Ministry members conduct routine blood pressure screenings monthly and respond to any medical crisis that occurs on site.

Ministry members are required to complete an initial orientation offered by Mercy Parish Nurse/Health Ministry Program.


Contact – Min. Michele Tedder







The UBC Health & Wellness Ministry is launching a new project known as the Zion Project. This group will focus directly on the physical health of the church body and the community through various exercise and nutrition based programs. Headed by Veronica “Ronie” Toran and Lauran Cathie Wilkerson this group hopes to lead God’s people into a healthy lifestyle.

March To Zion

Their first major project of 2016 is the “March To Zion”. This project is a church-wide fitness crusade to engage participants in achieving active lifestyles while dedicating themselves to a three month walk.

THE GOAL: To help us reach Zion, Jerusalem which is a total of 5,950 miles (11,900,000 steps) from Union Baptist Church by August 28 2016.

Are you up for the challenge?? If so…

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Please direct any of your questions regarding the Zion Project to: