A Message from Dr. Michael Friday, Interim Senior Pastor: Hurricane Harvey


Some of you have expressed concerns about the impact of Hurricane Harvey on thousands of people in Texas, and have been asking what can Union Baptist Church do? The truth is that, effectively, Union Baptist Church has already been responding. More on that in a moment; but for now, let me list exactly what we can and should do:


  1. This Sunday, September 3, we shall receive a special offering for ministry to the crisis in Texas.
  2. Toward that end we ask you to pray for Texas, for the suffering people in Texas and for God’s servants in Texas.
  3. Consider the magnitude of loss that most people in Texas have suffered.
  4. Bring an offering that appreciates the massive cost of recovery for the people of Texas.
  5. Make a contribution online athttps://my.simplegive.com/g3/ and direct your gift to the “Texas – Hurricane Harvey” fund.

I want to advise you, however, of some wider realities: our church is a member of the family of American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware (ABCOPAD), and by extension, of the American Baptist Churches, USA (ABCUSA), and by extension, of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA). Each of these entities is already addressing the suffering and loss in Texas, but not only that: they are also addressing desperate ministry needs in other parts of the world, where loss of life is greater and where far lesser resources for recovery are going to be available than would be, over time, for Texas. Over time, Texas and Texans would recover faster, and more completely, than people in Haiti, Bangladesh, Sierra Leone, Venezuela or other places where our Baptist family does ministry and is currently helping out in crises.


Because Union Baptist Church is either a low or non-contributing member of these Baptist families, I am urging us first, at this time to concentrate our gifts towards Texas through ABCOPAD and ABCUSA. Then, in the future, we need to consider the importance of regular giving towards their ministry so that by extension, our ministry and gifts might reach the world.


Meanwhile, I encourage you to read about ABCOPAD, ABCUSA, the ABHMS and the BWA on the following websites:

www.abocapd.org       www.abc-usa.org        www.abhms.org         www.bwanet.org


In partnership with you and Him,

Rev. Dr. Michael Friday

Present (Interim Pastor)